Thank you Senator Boxer

After I wrote to my congressional representatives concerning my outrage at allowing themselves a raise Senator Boxer responded. I thought I would print her answer to my question as to what her position was on the pay raise. Here is her answer,

Dear Friend:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the current financial crisis.  I appreciate hearing from you on this critical issue.

As you know, Congress recently approved a massive financial rescue package (P.L. 110-343).  I disapproved of the toxic assets purchase plan, as I do not feel that this is the most effective way to alleviate the ongoing credit crisis, and I worry about ever recovering taxpayer funds from these assets.  Thankfully, the Administration is now working to invest funds directly into banks, providing liquidity and giving American taxpayers an equity share in these institutions.

As we provide carefully targeted assistance to financial institutions, we must also take steps to get the fundamentals of our economy back on track, since we are in a recession and I want to ensure it is not a deep one. 

We need to get to work on a second economic stimulus package that provides emergency financial assistance to the states, addresses the housing crisis, creates jobs through infrastructure investments, and extends unemployment benefits.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that Congress needs to exercise its oversight responsibilities, and I am pleased to report that this work has begun.  Committees in both the House and Senate are holding hearings to examine what went wrong and who needs to be held accountable and what laws were not enforced.  In addition, we must determine if new laws are needed.  It is critical that good people be placed in regulatory positions.

Be assured that I will continue to speak out forcefully about the failures that led to this crisis and keep working with my colleagues to strengthen confidence in our markets while protecting the American taxpayers.

Again, thank you for writing to me.  Please feel free to contact me again about any issue of importance to you.

Barbara Boxer
United States Senator

Thank you senator for answering my e-mail. It would have been nice however, if you had answered my question. If we ran our businesses like you run yours, we would be out of business. I love this money line from The Senator, ” It is critical that good people be placed in regulatory positions.”

How true that is!

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23. December 2008 by Trey Pitsenberger
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  1. Always follow the money. Campaign finance reform is a good idea that’s been twisted and pandered to and essentially avoided to preserve the status quo for the big buck makers.

    The reality is that as long as it’s legal to buy votes votes will be bought. Taxpaying citizens don’t buy many votes because we don’t give enough money to make a dent in the advertising expense it takes to get elected.

    Outside of Detroit, everyone I talk to is against the automaker bailout, yet very few representative and senators voted against it. It’s no mystery why billions of dollars are poured into lobbying in D.C. It’s because it works, and nothing else does.

    Form letters like this one prove it. Do you think the big donors get form letters? It is time for a tea party of the Internet variation. The bigger problem is that when you have all that money to spend on advertising you spend it. And this election proves the point yet again – it takes more money than the public will finance to buy a presidential election in the United States these days. How much do you think it will take in four years? And no, I’m not a bitter Republican. I’m a bitter taxpayer.

    Please Mr. Obama and company. Fix this mess and fix it right at the root of the problem. Masking over it with bailouts is not going to fix the root problem. Legalized corruption is still corrupt when the lawmakers have allowed such a system to form that it undermines the foundation of the economy. The free market system is not so free in America. And too many public servants in elected office are serving only a small portion of the public beyond themselves.

  2. I have emailed my congressional representatives about issues but I always got a form letter that pertained to the subject matter.
    Trey, send the same initial email and maybe you will get a different response….or not.

  3. Gross. I have to say, I agree with Sid’s points above.

    I had the same experience when I emailed Dave Cox, but worse. “I voted to stand behind the chemical companies that are poisoning you and every other American and vote against the ban on BPA in consumer plastics”

    Ok, maybe he didn’t say exactly that, but can I just say that I am not pleased with our representation? It’s quite literally a joke.

    Here’s to hoping the next 4 years will be different.