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While I have always tried to keep politics out of my blog, this time I just have to speak up. For our congress to vote itself a pay raise during a time when we are being asked to bailout various private enterprises, boggles the mind. I just wrote my congressional representatives an e-mail expressing my disgust with this action. The actual amount of money is minuscule, when compared with the money we are supplying for the bail outs. It’s the symbolism of an institution so out of touch with everyday life that they find it perfectly o.k. to vote themselves a raise, while the rest of us are just doing our best to get by.

This crosses party lines. Every citizen of The United States should be outraged, and contact their representatives to ask for an accounting.

This is a great opportunity for you to get involved. I have rarely written to my congressional representatives in the past. This time it’s different. It has become clear that our elected officials have lost touch with reality, and it’s our job as their employers to set them straight.

My 2 cents!

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20. December 2008 by Trey Pitsenberger
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  1. I can’t agree more. The audacity of these people is what blows my mind. We have the bailouts, businesses failing every day, and the unemployment rate climbing at a steady rate, and these fools vote themselves a raise!

    Just curious…how many Congressman/women are millionaires? I forget where I saw the report, but the number is quite high.

    Maybe it is time for another tea party…?

  2. In spite of the fact that Congress has only a 9% approval rating, they have given themselves a raise. While ordinary Americans are struggling to make ends meet, Congress continues to live the good life. They just don’t get it. Some Republicans tried to block the raise, but they failed.

    Pay Raises for Lawmakers Anger Watchdog Groups
    Each lawmaker is due for a $4,700 cost-of-living wage hike starting in January, which will amount to a total cost of $2.5 million for taxpayers

    By Stephen Clark

    Saturday, December 20, 2008

    As Americans across the country grapple with one of the worst financial crises since the Great Depression, members of Congress quietly are getting a pay raise.

    Each lawmaker’s annual salary is due for a $4,700 cost-of-living increase starting in January, which will amount to a cost to taxpayers of $2.5 million in 2009, infuriating watchdog groups.

    “Members of Congress don’t deserve one additional dime of taxpayer money in 2009,” said Tom Schatz, president of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste.

    “While thousands of Americans are facing layoffs and downsizing, Congress should be mortified to accept a raise,” he said in a written statement. Link here.

  3. Well they didn’t actually “give” themselves a raise. They just let the automatic cost of living increase happen. Either way I agree with the sentiment and even drew a cartoon about it

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  5. Trey

    While I agree with you 100% ..where was/is/will be our outrage at the shocking squandering of money in Iraq and Afghanistan? The billions we are talking about now pales in comparison to war debt. My school asks me to collect bottle tops so my child can have BOOKS in the library. I ask them to reflect on the insantity of our tax dollars used to bomb schools in Iraq and then rebuild them (with my tax dollars) while my child does not have books in his local school.

    You expect politicians to pass on a pay raise? Good luck with that!!

    The auto industry did NOTHING to develop low fuel cars and should die like the dinosaurs. The huge human cost in jobs will be terrible. I would prefer to see my tax dollars go to US citiziens that burned in a barrel in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    My 4 cents worth (its not worth 5 cents anymore!)


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