Gardening trends for 2009?

I am not one for following trends. It’s more fun to be a part of creating new trends. Never the less I enjoy reading what people think is coming down the pike. The Garden Media Group has released it’s trends forecast for gardening in 2009. Entitled “Gardening goes back to the future-GIY style” What’s GIY? Grow it yourself. In February of 2007 we we’re told by Nursery Retailer Magazine that the new trend was DIFM, (Do it for me). I guess that’s out the door.

The trends listed include, “Eco-boosting”, “Locavore”, “Info-Lust”, and “Bubbling”.

For fun here is the list from 2007.  Did these trends come to pass? You be the judge. I found some of the trends for 2009 interesting, like “Global Colors”. According to The Media Group, “’Colors are bold, crazy, exaggerated, and in-your-face, almost like pop-art, and reflect a playful spirit in the face of world events,’” says Donna Dorian, former style editor of Garden Design Magazine.” This explains why I enjoy visiting Monica’s new Daycare, which includes the use of these very colors. “Info-Lust” is interesting, as we have been talking about it here for years. Two other trends seem counter-intuitive, “Locavore” and “Worldly”, yet we discussed them here in 2007. 

Back in 2006 we we’re told that blogging really was’nt of any use to garden centers, or garden center owners. My how things have changed. I find it interesting that so many of the subjects we have been talking about over the years are now exciting trends. That’s the nature of trends, by the time the media notices them we are already moving on to the next thing. Waiting to see what is “in” for the new year means you are already late to the party. Better yet is to be a trend setter. I still stand by my post of February 2007, “following trends is safe but boring, bucking the trends and creating your own style is scary, but ultimately more rewarding.”

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16. December 2008 by Trey Pitsenberger
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  1. hold on a minute… you’ve lost me in a maze of “garden-speak” that ,even with all the garden reading I’ve done, I have no idea what those things mean! Still confusing after following the links.

    I’m all for learning Latin terminology, but some of this trendiness is losing me and unlike the Latin, I don’t see much use for it. I think some journalist somewhere got all carried away with coining new terms!

    “Info-Lust” … “Locavore” ?

    On the tech horizon, though , I think blogging is going to have to integrate some of the social networking better to contain the real conversations that are going on: twitter is becoming a new tool that many are using for getting a message through the infonet pipeline.

  2. Well hello Trey, I like your blog very much. I came over from Ilona’s blog post on what she wants in new plants. You have such a thorough blog and do hit the nail on the head with nursery owners-they oftentimes don’t know these conversations are ongoing. I like to think in my little world I can at least influence local folks to buy the right thing. I can never tell though since there is no real good statistical tool to measure how blogs affect the American public. As blogging grows, I have no doubt we will find their influence grows.

    I tried to comment on some of your older posts. I see the comment form is closed. I have never seen that before. At any rate, I must say I jump on the trend wagon when it comes to proven plants, as they are most reliable. A good thing in gardening. At the same time I research new plants maybe in the genus that can do as well but be different. I like different so other than that I am not a trend follower. All gardeners need to be informed of what is available and alternatives to the standard and thus their gardens will become more sustainable. Blogging and getting the word out will help in the long run.