Climb a different ladder

Climbing a different ladder

SF Gate has an article today titled, “What scares employees most?”. The answer? Making a mistake. Whats the result of this? This comment from the article say’s it all. “At my job, the ones who don’t make mistakes are the ones who sit there and do nothing all day.”

Over at Today’s Garden Center  Karli Petrovic explains, “Why I am not gardening (and no one else my age is either) ”.  It’s a story of Generation Y and what Karli sees as the reasons many in her age group don’t garden. What caught my eye was the quote, “As many Gen-Yer’s will tell you, most of the flack we get for being lazy and selfish is simply not true. The majority of us (primarily those without trust funds) are working exceptionally hard to move up the corporate ladder. After shelling out for car payments, student loans, groceries and rent (and cheap wine, when going out is no longer an option), there is little to spend on home improvement.”

The corporate ladder? The corporate ladder often leads to working at places where, “the ones who don’t make mistakes are the ones who sit there and do nothing all day.”  I hope generation Y doesn’t fall into the “corporate ladder” trap.  Seems to me that if you really want to make a difference and change your world you have to avoid the “corporate ladder” at all costs. It use to lead up, but these days the ladder can just as quickly lead nowhere, or down. Climb your own ladder and don’t be afraid to move it. That way you can reach the ripe fruit.

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30. October 2012 by Trey Pitsenberger
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  1. I haven’t read the article nor do I plan to, but generalizations based on age make me nauseous. Same old song and dance…still as annoying as ever. And one’s personal experience does not an accurate or sample size make.

    I have always said I had no intention of climbing the corporate ladder, and I still don’t (even though going back to Corporate America is my next step). But you’re right – sometimes you have to move your own ladder to pick the ripest fruit. Nobody is going to do it for you.

    • Katie, the difference these days is when you go back to corporate America you can still retain your independent, entrepreneurial spirit. Go into it with eyes wide open and no expectations. Free agent spirit if you will. The company doesn’t “own you” might be one way to look at it. Rather it contracts your services for as long as it’s beneficial to you both.