This is a flowering plum (Prunus "Krauters Vesuvi…

This is a flowering plum (Prunus “Krauters Vesuvius) blooming in the nursery yesterday. The foothills have very changeable weather in the late winter and spring. Spring like one day, winter like the next, which is when the picture of the front of the store was taken.There is a chance for more snow tonight. I came from Costco in Folsom today, and watched as people were buying the impatiens they had for sale. Impatiens are highly frost sensitive and shouldn’t be planted for at least a month. With spring in the foothills you are really taking a risk planting tender annuals to soon. Better to wait till the ground warms up. If you have the urge to plant there are many things that can be planted that the cold won’t damage.

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02. March 2006 by Trey Pitsenberger
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