The kids are all right

Not your parents garden.

A fellow nurseryperson in Missouri posted this photo on her Facebook page. She came home to find some kids that live in the same building decided to construct an aquaponics system in the basement. According to many in our trade, the young just don’t garden like their parents and grandparents did. This has affected the bottom line of many garden centers and nurseries around the world with many going out of business.

If you owned a garden center and some people came in wanting to build an aquaponics system, could you help them? What if they asked about growing lettuce hydroponically? What if they wanted to grow lettuce in soil inside under T5 lights? Where do you send them if you don’t carry this stuff? Why?

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13. October 2012 by Trey Pitsenberger
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  1. We share with them what we know, gardening is gardening. What we want people to do is grow things. Times change, soil gardening has been around longer than other choices and it will continue. Many times once they try hydroponics, indoors, etc. they move to the outdoors because they get the “true” gardening itch.

  2. It’s funny how you can read two different articles, from two different people and see how they combine with each other. just wrote a piece about how Hydroponic’s has been hijacked by people looking to grow marijuana. Look up anything to do with hydroponic’s and you’ll find lots of dope references. I’m sure this puts a negative impact on sales of such systems when adopted for illegal cultivation. Maybe this is why many garden centers don’t want to be associated with it. What ever happened to the image of ‘cutting edge technology’ and names like NASA being linked to hydroponic’s. Its a better than the burned out pothead surfer dude in his basement with growlights, fertilizer and PVC pipes.

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